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Words Of Encouragement & Area Opportunities For Worship  
Reverend Chris Keefer- First Baptist Church
​Founded July 15, 1877
Reverend Neil Norman - United Methodist Church
Founded February, 1885
Sunday School @ 9:45
Sunday  Morning Service @ 11:00
Sunday Evening Service @ 6:30
Wednesday Evening Service @ 7:00
Our Mission:  To  make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.
Sunday Morning Worship @ 9:30
Fellowship @ 10:30
Sunday School and Study @ 11:00
Pastors of area churches are invited to share  a message of 300 to 500 words for free.
Andrew McQueen, Pastor

Brazos Trails Cowboy Church
300 Sharla Smelley Rd.
Weatherford, TX 76088
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Sunday School 10:00 to 11:00

Morning Worship 11:00 to 12:00
Bible Studies 5:30 to 6:15
Evening Service 6:30 to 7:30
350 Agnes North - Springtown, Texas - 817-523-7271
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An Inspirational Message From The Pasture Pastor
 Oak Tree Baptist Church:
Sunday School @ 9:45
Sunday Morning Service @ 11:00
Sunday Evening Service @ 7:00
Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeting and Bible Study @ 7:00
Sunday Morning Service @ 10:00
Sunday Evening Worship @ 6:00
Wednesday Bible Study @ 7:30
H.L. Cody - Poolville Church of Christ
Henry has lived in Poolville for almost nine years. He attends Poolville Junior High and will be starting eighth grade this year. He participates in cross country, basketball and track and is one of Poolville’s strongest and fastest runners in his class. His website HF&J (Helpful, Forgiving and Joyful) is a collection of inspirational stories. Henry states, I have always had a different way of looking at life” and he hopes his stories will help teach people how to keep a positive mind and perhaps change their lives by bringing them closer to God. Henry attends the New Jerusalem Church in Springtown. The Poolville Post welcomes this remarkable young man to its pages.    
Helpful, Forgiving , Joyful 
 by Henry Fiero
   The courthouse has long been a focal point for many communities in Texas. In fact, my wife Patrece has a cousin who has authored a book that features the various county courthouses in the state of Texas. It is interesting to travel over our state and see the great diversity in these important county structures. With my late father being a County Agriculture Extension Agent his office would always be in these county buildings. So, it goes without saying I have always taken notice of these edifices in our state.

  For those individuals who are my age and older you recall the previous design of the area immediately around the courthouse in Weatherford. It was a somewhat confusing arrangement of lanes and parking so a number of years ago there was a major renovation of the area that encircled the Parker County courthouse. I also recall it presented a bit of confusion as to how to park or navigate this new design. The movement of the traffic was one that presented a number of options to the one who made his/her way through the square in Weatherford.

  There are parallels to how one chose to navigated this new design and how one determines his/her course in life. First, a driver would enter this area after the renovation and might just chart a path of his own choosing. That was not extremely safe and could have led to an accident due to a wrong turn. Second, a person might follow someone who may not have known how to navigate the area either. The person being led might find that another individual presented a journey that was worse than a self-initiated one. Last, one might consider a description of how to navigate the design or follow someone who knew the right way through the new layout.

  Our personal lives parallel this same experience as we basically have three options in regards to our life’s journey. We can strike out on our own and often become lost. We can also follow another individual’s path of choosing which may or may not result in a full and joyful life. Last, we can read the scriptures and follow the path that our Lord chose during his earthly journey. For the Christ knew very well the path to take as he too walked this life. I believe that the last option is one that will bring us life in all of its abundance!
Sunday Morning Preaching
The Greatest Gift of All

Mom and Dad said hurry up
They won’t hold seats for us
I hated Church at Christmas
Didn’t understand the fuss

Dad had started the truck
So it could warm a little bit
Seats were still pretty cold
But somewhat softer to sit

Truck rumbled down the road
Christmas music playing loud
Arrived at Church just in time
Luckily the road had been plowed

Mom wanted to sit up front
So she didn’t miss anything
I’d rather be way in the back
So I didn’t have to sing

Choir sang Christmas hymns
About Jesus’s Holy Birth
Mostly just mouthed along 
With the odd peace on earth

The Preacher stood up to speak
Finally we could sit back down
Hoped I didn’t fall asleep
Wished I had gone to town

Preacher started his message
About the greatest gift of all
Well I like getting presents
But I like mine from the mall

Preacher spoke of an angel
Appearing in the night sky
For some reason I heard that
And wanted to know why

The angel spoke to shepherds
Tending their flocks by night
Claimed it brought great news
There was no reason for fright

Wise men saw the Eastern star
Shining brightly in the sky
 Beckoning them to follow
To the Holy Birth on high

For in a manger in Bethlehem
Was born the Christ Child
God’s gift to all mankind
Hearing that I smiled

For I finally understood
Why it was such a fuss
The greatest gift of all
Was the birth of Jesus

I surrendered my life
To Jesus there and then
I received the greatest gift
I said thank you and Amen

Poppa Mac Inc. ©2018
Christmas in the Country