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Doris Sanders has recently posted several interesting articles about Poolville history on the Facebook group “Poolville History."  If Poolville ever has a public library or a chamber of commerce, Doris should be in charge of it. She has shelves of books and clippings about Poolville happenings, most of which are thoroughly organized so she can find anything she wants in short order. This may not be unusual for her, but I am very jealous.  If you are not a Facebook person, don't worry.  As she posts new historical happenings, they will appear here.
Remember Poolville When
1906 Poolville Publishing co.- " While the health of the country is always good, this is such an attractive place in which to live that it has always had a high class of professional men, and the town is especially proud of its physicians. The health officer of the county resides here, and all of the three physicians, who are all..... (word was not readable due to fold or worn spot), stand at the top of the profession in this county. There is no jealousness among them, and they practice in perfect accord. The three physicians are Dr. W. J. Sparks, Dr. J. A. McConnell and Dr. W. H. Carter."

Dr. Sparks has a memorial marker on the square.
It is believed that Dr. Kinnard was the first physician in the village.
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Poolville Happenings
March 27th, 2020
Grab 'n Go Floral: 

It's doubtful that any of the three ladies that were selling the FFA floral arrangements for this month were even aware of the flower children of the 1960's, but because I am significantly older, I couldn't help but be reminded of similar events many decades ago. Several white buckets of flowers awaited any drive-up customers that would happen by, and I am told that there were a number of them. According to FFA faculty advisor Hope Sorrells, the FFA floral club sold fourteen vases and had a total of eight customers.

One of those customers was U.S. Postal Carrier, Nora Nelson, who was returning to the post office after delivering one of her morning routes.  As she passed by the high school she wondered what was going on, and she stopped to find out.  She ended up buying a big bundle of flowers, and took them back to her co-workers at the post office.
FFA faculty advisor Hope Sorrells (sitting) watches as Alyssa Bonaventure delivers a large bouquet of flowers to Poolville resident  Nora Nelson. Ready to assist as needed is Steleigh Stegall (center).
If It Rains The Grass Will Grow
The grass cutters were also out early this morning taking care of business at the elementary school and the property behind the school bus barns. All of the recent rains has caused the grass to get thick and tall.
After the mowers do their work, the trimming begins
This was the scene this morning at the lot behind the bus barn.
Even the Poolville Fire Truck was out this morning.
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Today we began staffing Station 47 in the Poolville community for the first time. When available, two firefighters will now be assigned to Station 47 from 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week. This milestone establishes Emergency Medical First Response, improves response time and equipment readiness, and enhances fire protection capacity in the Poolville community and to citizens across north and west Parker County.

 Including the addition of Station 47, when fully staffed, Parker County ESD 1 assigns twenty-two firefighters per shift between seven fire stations across the 312 square miles of the district, protecting a growing population of about 60,000 residents.
March 30, 2020 Poolville Fire & Rescue