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Community News 
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Doris Sanders has recently posted several interesting articles about Poolville history on the Facebook group “Poolville History."  If Poolville ever has a public library or a chamber of commerce, Doris should be in charge of it. She has shelves of books and clippings about Poolville happenings, most of which are thoroughly organized so she can find anything she wants in short order. This may not be unusual for her, but I am very jealous.  If you are not a Facebook person, don't worry.  As she posts new historical happenings, they will appear here.
Remember Poolville When
1906 Poolville Publishing co.- " While the health of the country is always good, this is such an attractive place in which to live that it has always had a high class of professional men, and the town is especially proud of its physicians. The health officer of the county resides here, and all of the three physicians, who are all..... (word was not readable due to fold or worn spot), stand at the top of the profession in this county. There is no jealousness among them, and they practice in perfect accord. The three physicians are Dr. W. J. Sparks, Dr. J. A. McConnell and Dr. W. H. Carter."

Dr. Sparks has a memorial marker on the square.
It is believed that Dr. Kinnard was the first physician in the village.
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Poolville Happenings
With school starting up a few week's ago, the Methodist Church in Poolville is restarting its Wednesday night Youth Night this Wednesday from 5:00 to 6:30. Youth Night happens every Wednesday and is open to all Poolville youth.  It is a great opportunity for youth to gather, share a meal, listen to music, play games and listen to life lessons that are relevant to youth.
In an effort to raise awareness for Poolville Tennis, Coach Ben Coggins is bringing back "Tennis Tonight," something that once happened here in years past but has not been a part of the tennis scene for quite a while. "Tennis Tonight" is a monthly event for Poolville ISD staff, administration, students, parents, and residents of Poolville to come out to the high school courts and enjoy some fun and maybe even play a little tennis!

The first installment of Tennis Tonight is September 5th from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, repeating the first Thursday of each month. All skills levels are invited to attend and all PISD students, parents, staff, and administration are welcome to participate. The PHS Tennis Team will provide cold bottled water and light refreshments / fruit.

In other tennis news, Coach Coggins states, "we have installed a new net at the high school and re-purposed the older net to the junior high courts so that students on that campus can play tennis. We are also working with the PISD Maintenance Department to build a backboard at the high school."

The PHS tennis team has been invited to play in our first fall tournament at Weatherford High School on Thursday, October 10th. Our top five boys and top five girls will compete in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles.
Youth Night
Tennis Tonight
Poolville FFA will once again be selling monthly floral arrangements. For now, the announcement letter and the order form will appear on the School News I page.   Next month (October) they will be accessed by a link to a file, but they will still be available.
Monthly Flowers Available