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Doris Sanders has recently posted several interesting articles about Poolville history on the Facebook group “Poolville History."  If Poolville ever has a public library or a chamber of commerce, Doris should be in charge of it. She has shelves of books and clippings about Poolville happenings, most of which are thoroughly organized so she can find anything she wants in short order. This may not be unusual for her, but I am very jealous.  If you are not a Facebook person, don't worry.  As she posts new historical happenings, they will appear here.
Remember Poolville When
1906 Poolville Publishing co.- " While the health of the country is always good, this is such an attractive place in which to live that it has always had a high class of professional men, and the town is especially proud of its physicians. The health officer of the county resides here, and all of the three physicians, who are all..... (word was not readable due to fold or worn spot), stand at the top of the profession in this county. There is no jealousness among them, and they practice in perfect accord. The three physicians are Dr. W. J. Sparks, Dr. J. A. McConnell and Dr. W. H. Carter."

Dr. Sparks has a memorial marker on the square.
It is believed that Dr. Kinnard was the first physician in the village.
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Parker County Extension Education Clubs

Extension Education Clubs are active in Parker County. There are three clubs that meet monthly from September through May. All have regular meeting dates. All club and association meetings are open to anyone.  

The mission of the Extension Education Association is to strengthen and enrich families through educational programs, leadership development and community service. Extension Education Club meetings usually include an educational program and a business meeting. There are usually refreshments and a meal. Members are involved in conducting community service projects, support local causes and enjoy good fellowship.

There are opportunities for members to participate in countywide meetings, workshops and events. They also have the opportunity to participate in leadership activities. There are also opportunities to attend district and state conferences.  

Some of the major events that Parker County Extension Education club members are involved in are: Parker County Mini Convention, Home for the Holidays, Heart of the Home in Springtown, Spring Fling, Cultural Arts Workshops and Tours and more. 

The Parker County Extension Education Clubs and their meeting dates are as follow. Meeting dates may change due to other club activities.

Country Crossroads Extension Education Club meets the 3rd Thursday of each month at 9:30 a.m. They meet in members’ homes and various locations. Contact: 817-597-8192 or 817-797-2154

Bethel Harmony Extension Education Club meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month, September through May. They meet in members’ homes or at the Harmony Baptist Church. Contact: 817-613-9162 or 817-597-6101.

Springtown Extension Education Club meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 10:00 a.m. They meet at the First Baptist Church Family Life Center in Springtown. Contact: 817-343-1337 or 817-403-4368.  

Parker County Extension Association meetings are the 1st Thursday of every other month from October through June at 10:00 a.m. at the Parker County Extension Office. Contact: 817-598-6168. All members and guests are invited to attend and participate. 

There is always an opportunity to organize new clubs in the county. If anyone and their friends would like to organize a club there is help from members from other clubs. Just call the Parker County Extension Office.  

For questions or more information about the Parker County Extension clubs call the Parker County Extension Office at 817-598-6168.

Kathy Smith
County Extension Agent – Family and Community Health
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service - Parker County
604 North Main St., Suite 200
Weatherford TX 76086

Countywide Cleanup is set for Saturday, March 30th from 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. at all precinct barns.
Parker County residents are encouraged to clean up their personal property and, if possible, form neighborhood groups now to clean and mow roadsides, public areas and assist disabled persons in cleaning around their homes.  

This is an excellent opportunity to meet your neighbors and enhance the formation of networks throughout the county, which can actively support a number of worthwhile projects from crime watch to helping neighbors in need, according to Precinct 4 Commissioner Steve Dugan.

“Countywide cleanup has almost become a holiday around here,” Dugan said. “Folks really look forward to it. It’s a great opportunity to dispose of unique items that are hard to get out for regular trash pick-up. Furniture, fencing wire, appliances and playground equipment, if you can think of it, we have probably seen it. See y’all Saturday, MARCH 30TH.

Cleanup day is for private citizens, not commercial disposal. Residents are required to bring some form of proof of residency, as the clean up is for Parker County residents only.

Precinct 3 Commissioner Larry Walden notes that they DO NOT accept 55 gallon barrels or any burn barrels.

Commissioners' precinct barns will have areas or receptacles designated for the following items:
aluminum, iron, glass etc.  
newspapers, cardboard  
tires (rims removed)  
dried paint cans  
lumber, limbs and brush  
batteries, oil filters, and oil

No flammable liquids, shingles, wet paint or chemicals will be accepted. As a courtesy to workers, separate items and bag securely to speed unloading and reduce labor. Please do not expect them to unload loose garbage.

All Parker County residents may go to the closest collection site. Directions to precinct barns are as follows: 

Precinct 1 - Commissioner George Conley, 817-220-7218 - 3000 Veal Station Rd. Weatherford, TX. 
Precinct 2 - Commissioner Craig Peacock, 817-594-4022 - 3033 FM RD 1885, Weatherford, TX 76088.
Precinct 3 - Commissioner, Larry Walden, 817-594-0371 – 1111 FM 1189, Weatherford, TX 76087.
Precinct 4 - Commissioner Steve Dugan, 817-596-0004, 1320 Airport Rd. Aledo, TX 76008

  For more information contact your county precinct barn at the phone numbers listed above.  

County Wide Clean-UP Day Set For March 30th
Elementary School Holds Annual Scholastic Book Fair
 ~ ~ Open to the Public ~ ~
The Poolville Elementary School Library will be hosting a Dino-mite Scholastic Book Fair in the Elementary School library each day from March 4th through March 8th from 8:30 to 3:30.

Books are donated by Scholastic, a publishing company founded in 1920 by Maurice Robinson. The first issue of the Western Pennsylvania Scholastic was only four pages and was created in the “office” of his mother’s sewing room. The company has since grown into a 1.6 billion dollar global publishing company whose goal is “to encourage intellectual and personal growth of all children beginning with literacy.”

Students will have their first preview of the books on Friday, March 1st when classes will take turns touring the book fair. The library will be closed March 2nd and 3rd. Beginning March 4th, the fair will be open to the public from 8:30 to 3:30. The public is invited to come browse any time during those hours, but librarian Jeri Calcote extends a special invitation to come on Thursday evening during School Open House from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM. Families are encouraged to come browse and shop with their students.

For parents, grandparents, neighbors and friends who want to get a jump start on their book shopping, the online bookstore opened February 24th and is open until March 9th. Follow the link posted below to find out more information about the event and the online bookstore.

The elementary school has been hosting the book fair for over sixteen years, according to Jeri Calcote, elementary school librarian. Some of the profits from the book sales are returned to the school for the library, library supplies and prizes, and for the Battle of the Books team.

Editor’s Personal Commentary: 
As one who has spent most of his adult life teaching college English, I can safely say that children who have a love for reading, a habit that is formed in the very early years of a child’s life and fostered during elementary school, have an easier time in college and are better students than those students who have difficulty reading. Students who are readers are most certainly better writers and have a better command of the language than those students who are not active readers. As adults, even if we were not given the opportunity to become readers, it is not too late to foster that habit in our children. Do not let this golden opportunity get away from you and your child.

M a r c h  4th  -  M a r c h  8th
Poolville Post Announces Book Fair Contest
Poolville March 5, 2019
In conjunction with the Scholastic Book Fair being held this week at the Polville Elementary School, the Poolville Post is sponsoring a “Caption This Photo” contest.

The rules are simple:
Entries must be submitted either on the Poolville Post's FB page or through an e-mail to editor@poolvillepost.com
Contest is open to all Poolville Elementary students and their parents.

The Poolville Post will make a donation to the Elementary School Library, and the winner will get to choose a book to give to the library with an inscription and have a picture taken presenting the book which will then be published in the Poolville Post.

Contest begins now and ends March 7th at noon. The winning student will be notified before leaving school on Thursday, and the book, presentation, and photo will be taken in the library during open house on Thursday evening.

Caption this photo of Superintendent Jimmie Dobbs.