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Staff Photo
The Online Poolville Post's World Headquarters - Metropolis Tribune Building - Orlando, Florida
Thirty-five year old Skye Clark knows about ranching, being born and raised as a Wyoming rancher. She has had a passion for photography for as long as she can remember, but it wasn't until a year ago that she bought a camera and began taking pictures of her  family at brandings and  doing general ranch work.

 "It's my goal to capture as many real working ranch and cowboy images as I can. Our way of life is changing so fast, and I want to capture it all before it changes or is gone for good. My images are those of my family and neighbors doing their daily work. No posing and no set ups."

How fortunate for us that she finally took that first photographic step and is willing to share her talent. 

You can purchase her prints on her website: http://skyeclark.smugmug.com. 
Skye Clark Photography on Facebook
Amazing Statistics:

The Poolville Post has been read in every state in the United States except Alaska, Maine, Delaware and Rhode Island.

It has been read on every continent except Antarctica.  No Internet service there I guess.

It has been read in fifty-seven different countries.

Isn't that remarkable?
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This truly breathtaking photo might be hard for us folks in Texas to understand in late February, but she posted this on February 15th.

She explains the photo: 
"The snow is starting to pile up. Breaking a new snow road after the hay was kicked off."