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Western Poetry Corner
Smokey is a published author and a native Texan. He was the keynote poet at the Texas Independence Festival and was voted 2014 Poet of the Year by the Grandbury Texas Independence Day Committee. He and his wife Suze live just south of Houston where he also works as a ranch hand at Habitat For Horses, a horse rescue ranch near Galveston.
Smokey Culver's book, A Wrap And A Hooey is available on Amazon. Here is the editorial review as it appears on Amazon:  

"Smokey Culver grew up in Pasadena and Southeast Texas. He is a member of Academy of Western Artists and Western Music Association. You can find Smokey’s work in Cowboy Poetry Press, Houston Count courier, Habitat for Horses Website, Bar D Ranch, Poolville Post (Poolville, Texas), and he presented at the Texas Independence Day Celebration at the Courthouse in Granbury. He was also published in Unbridled (Cowboy Poetry Press). Smokey was also a Finalist in the 2014 NFR Cowboy Poetry Contest in Las Vegas, and he was named the 2013 Poet of the Year at the Texas Independence Day Celebration at the Courthouse in Granbury, Texas."

Congratulations Smokey!
A cowgirl who was born into three generations of  cattle ranchers in northern California, Teresa says, "The ranch has been gone for some years now, but it still lives and breathes in my blood. I love everything about the cowboy/cowgirl way of life. Everything I write, I have lived or know a lot about.”

After living a good part of her life in Montana and raising three children, Teresa has moved back to California and now lives outside of a small rodeo town. She is working on a poetry book and will have several poems published this fall. 
A Cowgirl's Poetic Journey
By Teresa Parisi - Herrin
Teresa announced her column to the world on August 30th, 2014 as a guest on B.J Rickard's Internet radio show "Stall 13."  
Click on the boot to listen to the interview and hear her read one of her poems titled "Her Silent Gaze."
"Cowboy Poetry" by Smokey Culver
Richard Womack
"The Lonesome Cowboy"
An accomplished archer of national repute, Richard Womack has also written four novels about the Texas Rangers and countless cowboy poems. He currently lives in San Antonio.
Ride The Ranger Winds
Western Novels By Texas Author
Richard Womack
Non Stop Action of The Texas Rangers
Thank you to BJ Rickard for his permission to clip this interview from his radio show. Click on his picture to the right to go to his FB page. >>>>>
Click on the boot to listen to the radio show interview >>>>>

The file is not streaming.  It has to download, and it could take a few minutes.  Please be patient.
Smokey has once again been written up for his efforts at Habitat For Horses.  This was posted  03-01-15.  Click the button below.  I'll bet Paco is waiting to say 'Mornin y'all.
Poppa Mac (Geoff Mackay), is the founder and past president of The Canadian Rodeo Wranglers Association, and can be found working in rodeo arenas throughout Western Canada. In recent years, he has spent time entertaining rodeo audiences with his antics and stories as Poppa Mac the Rodeo Clown.

Poppa Mac has been entertaining audiences at trail rides, rodeos, cowboy churches, concerts and cowboy gatherings all over Western Canada and several States. His writing style reflects his outlook on life. Poppa Mac’s poems are written from his experiences and have an honesty that only someone who has lived the cowboy life could capture.
Poppa Mac is also a member of the following organizations:

Licensed Cowboy Chaplain 
(Cowboy Chaplains of America, Cowboys for Christ)
Alberta Cowboy Poetry Association
Manitoba Cowboy Poets

His CD's and publications include the following:
CD; Behind the Grease Paint (collection of Original Cowboy poetry) Released
CD; Fallen But Forgiven (Collection of Original Inspirational Cowboy Poetry, includes one classic)Released
Behind the Grease Paint, Outback Prince poems published on Cowboy Poetry Press
Behind the Grease Paint included in Unbridled poetry anthology
Book; “Biscuits, Beans & Cowboy Coffee” being published by Reddashboard Publishing company (Out Beginning of 2016).

David Hansford, also known as Two-Bit-Pete, makes his home in Fort Worth, and spends much of his spare time in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards. There, he and other like-minded members of a re-enactment group work to preserve, portray and “capture the spirit of the old west cowboy” as it was in the late 1800’s. Even though he is somewhat new to reciting in public, his comfortable style and dry humor make his cowboy poetry fun and entertaining. For the last two years David has presented classic and tradition cowboy poetry at events such as the Durango Cowboy Poetry Gathering, Cowboy Campfire Tales at the Fort Worth Stock Show and various Red Stegall events. He is also a regular performer at the Cowtown Opry in Fort Worth.

While David does not write or recite much of his own poetry, he has chosen to master the art of delivery in the character of Two-Bit-Pete, so while you might care to read the words if they are posted, it is suggested that you listen to the recorded presentations taken from his latest CD titled, “Cowboy Classics.” This is really the only way to appreciate this inspiring performer.
Two -Bit -Pete 
Written by S. Omar Barker - Recited by Two Bit Pete
Grab your copy of this new CD by messaging David on Facebook, or sending an e-mail to twobitpete@hotmail.com or calling and leaving a message at 214-912-7221. The price is $17.64 which includes shipping.
Visit his website by clicking the logo.
Poppa Mac's has just released his fifth book titled
Stories from the M2 Ranch.  According to Geoff, "it's a bunch of adventures occurring on the family ranch." It's available now on Amazon.  Click the book cover to the right to see all of Geoff's books on Amazon.
A Poem From Richard Womack
Poppa Mac™ ©2015
Tales From My Side of The Chutes

Photo: Kirk Sides / Houston Chronicle 
Getting More And More Famous Every Day

Smokey Culver Named Poet Laureate of Pasadena, Texas
P o p p a   M a c
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~True Colors~

Just outside the edge of town, not too far down, someone cared enough
To show their true colors, and we need to tell the others, cuz this is some good stuff

You can call it proud, and I'd shout it real loud; folks like this are my friends
It's a Cowboy way of life, him and his good wife, as you see through my camera lens

Beneath that painted old barn, is a man fully armed, to protect all that he loves
His God given right, oh yes that's right, and this man prays to Heaven above 

He'll shake your hand, and it's worth I hope you understand; he's a honest man
Most like him don't have much, horses, cattle and such, I think it's part of Gods plan

Livin' and lovin' on this great land, makin' a true stand, until his years are gone
His life is painted out, there ain't no doubt, till his young son works this life he's called upon 

~Poem and Photo by -Teresa Parisi
Cowboy Camp Rules

Was my first time at camp
And I was excited to go
Heard how much fun it was
Even allowed to bring my banjo

Arrived early Monday morning
Stood there just looking around
Pens full of horses and cows
With chickens pecking the ground

It looked just about how I imagined
Like a real Cowboy type camp
Chuck wagon sitting there
Gonna be eatin like a champ

There was a main trailer
Cabins lookin like a western town
Dogs and cats everywhere
Coolest place I’ve ever been (found)

Lead hand told me I’d be sleepin’
In the big red bunkhouse
Course I chose the bottom bed
I sleep on the top one at my house

 I needed to learn the rules
To make my stay successful
Could wear my hat and boots
Well that’s not too stressful
That was only the beginnin’
No cussin’ or whinin’ make your bed
Found out you had to do the last one
Before you’d even be fed

Important things to know
Like we pray before we eat
Watch your words before they’re said
Wipe the manure from your feet

The food is good and healthy
Coffee always on and hot
No internet or TV
Time for reflection and thought

We all had chores to do
Feedin’ horses, cleanin’ stalls
Others look after the cookin’
I had to sweep and mop the halls

My week at camp was lots of fun
Learned how to rope and ride
Got to go hiking and fishing
Played on the biggest slip n slide

Before I knew it camp was over
I never wanted it to end
Learned so much when I was there
Most important how to be a good friend.
Poppa Mac Inc. ©2019
Tales From the Mind of Poppa Mac