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Western Poetry Corner
Smokey is a published author and a native Texan. He was the keynote poet at the Texas Independence Festival and was voted 2014 Poet of the Year by the Grandbury Texas Independence Day Committee. He and his wife Suze live just south of Houston where he also works as a ranch hand at Habitat For Horses, a horse rescue ranch near Galveston.
Smokey Culver's book, A Wrap And A Hooey is available on Amazon. Here is the editorial review as it appears on Amazon:  

"Smokey Culver grew up in Pasadena and Southeast Texas. He is a member of Academy of Western Artists and Western Music Association. You can find Smokey’s work in Cowboy Poetry Press, Houston Count courier, Habitat for Horses Website, Bar D Ranch, Poolville Post (Poolville, Texas), and he presented at the Texas Independence Day Celebration at the Courthouse in Granbury. He was also published in Unbridled (Cowboy Poetry Press). Smokey was also a Finalist in the 2014 NFR Cowboy Poetry Contest in Las Vegas, and he was named the 2013 Poet of the Year at the Texas Independence Day Celebration at the Courthouse in Granbury, Texas."

Congratulations Smokey!
A cowgirl who was born into three generations of  cattle ranchers in northern California, Teresa says, "The ranch has been gone for some years now, but it still lives and breathes in my blood. I love everything about the cowboy/cowgirl way of life. Everything I write, I have lived or know a lot about.”

After living a good part of her life in Montana and raising three children, Teresa has moved back to California and now lives outside of a small rodeo town. She is working on a poetry book and will have several poems published this fall. 
A Cowgirl's Poetic Journey
By Teresa Parisi - Herrin
Teresa announced her column to the world on August 30th, 2014 as a guest on B.J Rickard's Internet radio show "Stall 13."  
Click on the boot to listen to the interview and hear her read one of her poems titled "Her Silent Gaze."
"Cowboy Poetry" by Smokey Culver
Richard Womack
"The Lonesome Cowboy"
An accomplished archer of national repute, Richard Womack has also written four novels about the Texas Rangers and countless cowboy poems. He currently lives in San Antonio.
Ride The Ranger Winds
Western Novels By Texas Author
Richard Womack
Non Stop Action of The Texas Rangers
Thank you to BJ Rickard for his permission to clip this interview from his radio show. Click on his picture to the right to go to his FB page. >>>>>
Click on the boot to listen to the radio show interview >>>>>

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Smokey has once again been written up for his efforts at Habitat For Horses.  This was posted  03-01-15.  Click the button below.  I'll bet Paco is waiting to say 'Mornin y'all.
Teresa’s poems are inspired by her experiences and love of the Western way of life. She has a unique ability to make people laugh and touch their hearts. 

She comes from farming and ranching families of Texas and has empathy for the agricultural industries and the people who make their lives in it. Her material reflects a desire to preserve her heritage and share a female’s perspective on living the cowboy way. 
In 2010 the Academy of Western Artists named her the Cowgirl Poet of the Year. In 2014, 2013 and 2009 she was in the Top 5 nominees at the Western Music Association for Female Poet of the Year and her CD's, were nominated and in the Top 5 for Poetry CD of the Year.
Poppa Mac (Geoff Mackay), is the founder and past president of The Canadian Rodeo Wranglers Association, and can be found working in rodeo arenas throughout Western Canada. In recent years, he has spent time entertaining rodeo audiences with his antics and stories as Poppa Mac the Rodeo Clown.

Poppa Mac has been entertaining audiences at trail rides, rodeos, cowboy churches, concerts and cowboy gatherings all over Western Canada and several States. His writing style reflects his outlook on life. Poppa Mac’s poems are written from his experiences and have an honesty that only someone who has lived the cowboy life could capture.

Poppa Mac is also a member of the following organizations:

Licensed Cowboy Chaplain 
(Cowboy Chaplains of America, Cowboys for Christ)
Western Music Association, Western Wordsmiths Chapter
Alberta Cowboy Poetry Association
Manitoba Cowboy Poets

His CD's and publications include the following:
CD; Behind the Grease Paint (collection of Original Cowboy poetry) Released
CD; Fallen But Forgiven (Collection of Original Inspirational Cowboy Poetry, includes one classic)Released
Behind the Grease Paint, Outback Prince poems published on Cowboy Poetry Press
Behind the Grease Paint included in Unbridled poetry anthology
Book; “Biscuits, Beans & Cowboy Coffee” being published by Reddashboard Publishing company (Out Beginning of 2016).

Publisher's Note:  If you know Poppa Mac or just want to give him a welcome, leave him a note in the guestbook on the PS page.
Poetry Corner
David Hansford, also known as Two-Bit-Pete, makes his home in Fort Worth, and spends much of his spare time in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards. There, he and other like-minded members of a re-enactment group work to preserve, portray and “capture the spirit of the old west cowboy” as it was in the late 1800’s. Even though he is somewhat new to reciting in public, his comfortable style and dry humor make his cowboy poetry fun and entertaining. For the last two years David has presented classic and tradition cowboy poetry at events such as the Durango Cowboy Poetry Gathering, Cowboy Campfire Tales at the Fort Worth Stock Show and various Red Stegall events. He is also a regular performer at the Cowtown Opry in Fort Worth.

While David does not write or recite much of his own poetry, he has chosen to master the art of delivery in the character of Two-Bit-Pete, so while you might care to read the words if they are posted, it is suggested that you listen to the recorded presentations taken from his latest CD titled, “Cowboy Classics.” This is really the only way to appreciate this inspiring performer.
Teresa's Newest CD, "The Calf Book is now available for purchase on her website. Her other two CD's are also available.
Teresa has decided to allow another of her poet friends to take her spot on this page, but it's difficult to say "good-bye" to a friend, so we will continue to monitor her activities and schedules as best as we can.  While no one can replace her, her spot is being surrendered to David Hansford.
Two -Bit -Pete 
Written by S. Omar Barker - Recited by Two Bit Pete
Grab your copy of this new CD by messaging David on Facebook, or sending an e-mail to twobitpete@hotmail.com or calling and leaving a message at 214-912-7221. The price is $17.64 which includes shipping.
Visit his website by clicking the logo.
Poppa Mac's newest book is available at Amazon.  You can get to Amazon by clicking the book cover.
A Poem From Richard Womack
Poppa Mac™ ©2015
Tales From My Side of The Chutes

Photo: Kirk Sides / Houston Chronicle 
Getting More And More Famous Every Day

Smokey Culver Named Poet Laureate of Pasadena, Texas
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Poetry From the Fence Post
by Greg Bade
It seems everywhere I look there is a rodeo going on in September, so this month's poems are about rodeo.      Be sure to look at the rodeo photographs provided by Skye Clark  on the P.S. Page.

This time last year, I remember smells of sweet November
  When the trees glistened with natural beauty and splendor

Today, my heart stops to breathe in the brisk, cool air
  I smile all the while; I know my plaids I'll wear

I feel the wild, free spirits in the horses out to pasture
  I'm happy and content at this moment to be a rancher

My mind wanders to Heaven and goosebumps arise
  As if my pony and I are about to be, again, baptized

It's a gift from above I think, to keep me connected
  I try and imagine how bein' with Jesus is perfectly perfected

I sometimes wish it was Autumn all year long
  Although...it's Christmas that could never go wrong 

I'll be the first to admit that life is really hard
  But...wouldn't this photo make the perfect postcard

I choose to see and remember these incredible things
  And I know that Angels must have beautiful wings

The wrinkled and golden leaves fall to remind us all
  "All good things change," said Grandpa with a drawl

Maybe to prepare us for the changes to eventually come
  It comes out so naturally, as my guitar I begin to strum 

Out the farmhouse window, my eyes are always invited
  There's magic out there, and I'm a little near sighted 

Nothin' will ever stop me; it's out there I know, I belong 
  When my sick body is weak, it helps make me strong

It truly is a wonderful life, even in the unwelcome storm
  I breathe in all of life, and my soul stays warm 

I whisper to my best friend, "I know you understand me"
  "Let's rest here, where the reflection of us, I now see"
~ Let's Rest Here ~
Poem by Teresa Parisi - Herrin

Photo by Liz Kuchinski
Christmas in Town

Collars polished and team harnessed
Time to pack the sleigh
Heading into town this morning
Plan to be there all day

It’s the beginning of December
And Christmas is in the air
Town is decorated for the season
Somewhat resembles a fair

Coloured lights line the streets
With garland on each pole
Large fir tree in town square
With fire pit being fed by coal

There’s a life size nativity
On the lawn in front of town hall
Declaring Jesus being the reason
And announcing the Christmas ball

People in their fanciest outfits
Strolling on the boardwalk
Children staring through store windows
As parents stop to visit and talk

We stop in front of the grocery store
And give the horses some rest
A little bit of water to drink
Before I start on my quest

Mom said I could walk around 
As long as I didn’t go to far
Found me in town square
Staring at the tree with the star

A Choir had started singing carols
And we joined them for a few
Sang silent night holy night
An hour passed before we knew

Was time to get to the school
For the annual Christmas show
My little sister is in it 
Even I’m excited to go

Choirs sang secrete carols
Christmas music was played
The children did their show
At the end we all prayed

The evening reminded us
Of the birth of a tiny stranger
We were given the greatest gift
When Jesus was born in the manger

Poppa Mac Inc. ©2018
Christmas in the Country

Which hat should I wear, which song should I sing
When I first see the manager of my savior – our king? 

A North Texas Christmas Eve
By Greg Bade

It was late December on the north Texas plains
Sitting pretty on Redwing, my hand full of reins
The sun was shining and the roses were blooming
Straw hats abound – warm temperatures looming
Nice view from up here – warm coffee in a cup
I wonder if winter will ever show up.

The cattle and horses, goats, dog and the cat
Lazily moving- looking most nearly fat
They’re ready for winter with warm fluffy coats
The hay’s put up, the barn’s full of oats
All patiently waiting for the change of the season
Don’t understand it but there must be a reason.

Then one sunny day with little to no warning
The clouds roll in and it quickly starts storming
Temperatures drop and the wind starts a stinging
No birds to be found, no sweet voices singing.
Got pretty durn dark, looked like it could snow
How does this all happen … well I don’t rightly know.

Back in the barn the hinges are creaking
Fixed the roof in the spring so there won’t be no leaking
The wind has blown from the trees both branches and sticks
The temperature’s dropped to near twenty-six
Inside the barn it’s all warm and cozy
But my ears and my cheeks are a wee bit rosy.

Put up the saddle, the blanket and tack
Took a brush to the horse and rubbed his back
Then his withers, his chest mane and tail
Brushed him real good – all parts without fail.
Some sweet feed and oats and a sliver of hay
Some for the goats, the sorrel and bay.
The cats are all settled on their regular perches
No need this night for late evening searches.

​I think to myself – time to head to the house
Where no creatures are stirring, not even the mouse
The table is set with a fresh pot of stew
Some jelly and biscuits are also in view
A glass of sweet tea to wash it all down
A better meal than this will seldom be found.
As I move to my chair to ponder the day
Next to the fire a crackling away
I think to myself – I’ve got a good life
All of these comforts and fine loving wife
Can’t ask for more, it wouldn’t be right
All needs and wants within easy sight.

Dozing off for a bit a thought tickles my brain
On the tin roof above I can still hear the rain
The norther blew in, outside it’s a fright
But tomorrow by evening all will be right
Warm weather tomorrow nearly eighty or so
How does this happen – I don’t rightly know.

It’s been this way since I was a lad
It just Texas weather – no need to be mad, glad or sad
Hot one day with a straw hat and tea
The next day a felt – oh fiddle dee dee
How to decide which hat to wear
Not really a problem ‘cause I don’t rightly care
I’ll wear what’s comfortable on top of my head
And if all else fails I’ll wear a cap instead.

The rain is still dancing up there on the roof 
But I’m sure I heard…wait…the sound of a hoof
Better turn out the light, get some sleep mighty quick
‘Cause up on the roof I hear old St. Nick.
He’ll squeeze through that chimney with all of his might
To remind us all – Jesus was born on this night

Don’t know what tomorrow will lay at my feet
In weather or troubles, it’s not up to me
I’m just an ole cowboy making his way
Living life as I can every durn day
Good days and bad days, short days and long
Trying hard to do good and to do no wrong.
On this stormy, dark night in this ever changing season
Remember this friends: there is a reason!