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School News II
A Second Page For School News
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L-R: Josepj Navarro, Joe Viernes, Sterling Morgan, Cecil Rodriguez, Tyler Tunnel, Stone Stegall, Trendan Parish, Walker Eavenson,          Zaine Mansell, Logan Spikes, Dillion Boring (Not Pictured: Aaron Headspeth)
Kneeling Left to Right
Makaya Pressley (Junior), Trinity Johnson (Senior), Payton Jennings (Sophomore), Lexi Heiser (Sophomore), Alyssa Bonaventure (Sophomore)

Standing Left to Right
Lucy Ramirez (Sophomore), Emily Booth (Sophomore), Steleigh Stegall (Freshman), Sarah Back (Sophomore), Brooklyn Hensley (Sophomore), Megan Brock (Junior), Emeleigh Terry (Senior), Bentley Bryan (Sophomore), Clara Tunnell (Sophomore)
Front Row L-R: Chris Pesqueda, Juan Carlos Juantos, Anthony Pesqueda, Will Parnell, Cade Morgan, Micah Babin

Back Row L-R: Ty Smeal, Tanner Hamlin, Cade Hines, Hunter Gober, Pressle Steel, Nathan Gammill, Wyatt Thomas, Evan Lang
                         Kyle Kancilia
Top L-R: Steleigh Stegal (Freshman), Bentley Bryan (Sophomore), Clara Tunnell (Sophomore), Rylee Snell (Freshman)
Bottom L-R: Blair Bevelle (Freshman), Kaylee Embrey (Freshman), Alyssa Bonaventure (Sophomore)
Varsity Boys 01-15-19
JV Boys 01-15-19
JV Girls 01-18-19
Basketball Team Photos
2019 Baseball Schedule
Junior Varsity  4-9-19
Top L-R: Evan Lang (Soph), Josh Swofford (Jr.), Eddy Lopez (Fresh), Hunter Gober (Fresh), Pressley Steele (Fresh), Sterling Morgan (Sr.)
Front L-R: Ty Smeal (Fresh), Anthony /Rittenbury (Fresh), Brandel Capps (Jr), Jacob Ramsey (Fresh), Gus Frizzel (Fresh)
Varsity 04-10-19
Back L-R:  Etah Taliaferro (Jr.), Trendan Parish (Soph), Ethan McCain (jr), Nate Gammill (Jr), Clayton Novak (Sr.), Tyler Tunnell (Sr), Christian Rushing (Sr.), Ty Gammill (Sr), Hunter Embrey (Sr), Cade Hines (Soph)
Front L-R: Evan Lang (Soph), Brandel Capps (Jr), Hunter Brown (Sr), Willard Frizzell (Jr), Marcus Enriquez (Sr)
There was a lot of good baseball

 action on Tuesday afternoon when

the Poolville Monarchs hosted the

Muenster Hornets.  Both the JV

 and the varsity teams played.

The JV won their game 4 to 3.  The

Varsity did not fare as well losing to

the Hornets 4 to 1.

Monday April 8, 2019:
Fifteen Poolville Tennis players competed in the district meet.  Both the girls and the boys won the over all competition and were crowned district champs.

Individual awards are as follows:

JV Competitotrs:

Ty Smeal- 1st boy's singles
Eddie Lopez and Wyatt Thomas 2nd in boy's doubles

The Varsity Competitors

* Trinity Johnson --1st girl's singles (advanced)
Jasmine Fankbonner- 4th girl's singles

* Jacob Stubblefield 2nd boy's singles (advanced)
Brandel Capps 3rd boy's singles

* Zaine Mansell and Lucy Ramirez- 1st in mixed doubles (advanced)

* Stone Stegall and Dillion Boring- 2nd boy's doubles (advanced)
Cecil Rodriguez and Matt Stewart- 3rd boy's doubles

* Emily Booth and Brooklyn Hensley- 1st girl's doubles (advanced)

Jasmine Fankbonner got 4th in girl's singles

*  Advanced to the Regional Tournament (April 17-18)

May 4, 2019
Photos Courtesy of Angela Smeal
In the first race at the regional track

meet in Springtown this morning   

(04-26-19) ,Sophomore Henry Fierro 

placed 2nd in the 3200m (2 miles) 

and will advance to the state meet. 

He set the school record again and n 

the race in 10:29.64. Henry is the 

first Poolville athlete since 2006 to 

advance to the State Track Meet!

The state meet will be held at UT 

Austin on June 11th.  Congratulations 

Poolville Runner Advances To State - Sets School Record
New Content Under Track - Poolville Runner Advances to State
Update 05-04-19
Poolville Tennis