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 March Lunch Menus
Poolville Students Show Market Steers
Fort Worth - February 7, 2019
Photos by Greg Bade
Cade Hines, sophomore at Poolville HS showed his Angus market steer Pedro in class 2 this past Thursday. He placed 18th out of 42. While he has exhibited in other shows, this was his first time to show at the Fort Worth Stock Show. His next show will be in San Antonio in two weeks and then he will show again in Houston in early March.
Kinley Murphy showed her heifer 

last week (see above) but this 

week she showed her European 

Cross Steer in Class 2. Pedro 

was purchased at the end of the 

school year in 2018. She is 

scheduled to show again in San 

Antonio and in Houston.
Dillon Boring, a senior, showed his class 1 European Cross steer on Thursday. This is his second year in FFA and his first time to show at Fort Worth. His steer, named Pedro, is two years old and has been with Dillon since last summer. Dillon’s next show will be San Angelo later this month. Dillon also participates in basketball, tennis and cross country. He summed up the Fort Worth Show as being a “good experience.”
Dillon started preparing his steer for the show before 10:00 AM. His class was scheduled to begin at 1:00 PM, but didn't begin  until after 5:30.  By the time this photo was taken it was after 7:00 PM and the temperature had dropped to 37 degrees.
It may not feel like it yet, but spring is right around the corner! Help us bring on that warmer weather with this spring-time inspired arrangement!

Orders are due Tuesday, March 6th and will be ready for pick-up and delivery Wednesday, March 20th.

Again, we thank everyone for all of their support of the Poolville Floral Club!

Please visit our website for more information and to download the order form: https://poolvillefloralclub.weebly.com/. Clicking the floral arrangement to the left will also take you to the website.
FFA Arranging Spring Florals
Poolville Represented at FFA Day in Austin
Yesterday the Poolville FFA Chapter, Poolville High School and the Poolville community was represented in Austin at FFA Day at the Capitol. These members sat in and witnessed the proceedings on the house floor, met with a former State FFA Officer and Agricultural lobbyist and explored the Texas Capitol. It is without a doubt, a once in a lifetime opportunity!
Six students were chosen through an application process. Photo above left shows (L to R) Kaylee Embrey, Blair Bevelle, Hunter Gober, Steleigh Stegall, Hannah Landenberger and Ty Smeal
Photos and text courtesy Poolville FFA.
The Poolville Science Club, under the direction of Oney Rio, will be headed to Italy and Greece at the end of the school year. The trip will last ten days, and excitement is beginning to build among the nine students who will be going. The official chaperones are Oney Rio and Wendy Duvall, but there will no shortage of adults going on the trip.

The last trip the club took was two years ago to the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador. Highlights of the current trip are expected to be Rome and Pompeii.

Science Club members are no strangers to extracurricular activities. In addition to their academic achievements, they participate in a broad range of activities and sports such as FFA, volleyball, basketball, baseball, track, cross country, cheer leading and archery, but for most of them, this will be their first trip outside the borders of the United States. When asked what they expected to be different from here, they cited manners, food, architecture and religion. When asked what they are most looking forward to, the responses included the adventure of traveling abroad, seeing historical sites such as the Acropolis and viewing and photographing the countryside.

The club has had many fundraisers since going to South America, and they are well on track for meeting their financial goal. They have sold concessions at school events, sponsored dances, car washes and monthly floral arrangements. Of course, donations are also appreciated.

Club members are expected to send frequent updates throughout the trip to the club’s Facebook page which will be initiated soon, but if you are not a Facebooker, don’t worry. Those updates will also appear here in the Poolville Post.
Science Club Plans Summer Trip
Back (left to right) Christian Rushing- 12th, Will Parnell -11th, Corbie Conway- 12th, Jackson Mott- 8th
Front (Left to right) Payton Ranspot- 12th, Trinity Johnson- 12th, Miranda Martin - 12th
Missing- Maddy Rushing 11th, and Stone Stegall 12th
Junior High Archers 
Qualify For State Meet
Above: Kneeling (L to R) Hannah Davidson, Kaitlyn Adamson, Jesse Ard. 
Standing (L to R) Eli Lang, Zach Davidson, Kayden Gilbert, Randol Simmons, Aiden Osgood
Sixteen Junior High archers, out of a team of twenty-five, are scheduled to attend the state meet in Belton on March 28th. 

Those students are: Kaitlyn Adamson, Jesse Ard, Sarah Belcher, Hannah Davidson, Zach Davidson, 
Cooper Gammill, Gus Gammill, Kayden Gilbert, Nathaniel Greene, Eli Lang, Timothy Morton, Jackson Mott, Aiden Osgood, Kenia Perez, Randol Simmons and Zoe Thomas.
The Poolville Jr. High Archery program was founded by Junior High School Principal Bill Sanders during the school year 2008-2009. Its primary goal was two-fold: to offer an additional activity to students who were performing well in academics and act as an incentive for those who were not. This purpose mirrors one of the directives of the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP®), of which Poolville is a part: “Educators are looking for ways to improve student motivation, attention, behavior, attendance, and focus. Teachers strive to achieve state and national educational standards regarding development of micro and macro motor ability and listening and observation skills. They hope to engage each student in the educational process and develop relationships to promote graduation instead of drop-out” (NASP®).

The team's faculty advisor is Teresa Smith.
Everyone instantly recognizes an archery target, and most know that the highest score results in arrows that come closest to the center, but there is more to it than that. There are actually ten different scores to be made, and each color has two lines for scoring, the line closer to the center results in the higher score. After you see the scoring chart below, scoring will make more sense.
NASP Scoring:
One of Poolville's top archers is Kayden Gilbert. He is show here keeping his eye on the target during an after school practice.
Poolville Homecoming Photos Are Still Posted on the Celebrations Page!

Click the Crown to Go There
On September 14th, 2018- Corporal Garrett Hull made the ultimate sacrifice protecting and serving the community. The Hull family resides in Kennedale. It is with great honor and pride that we announce the name change to honor Corporal Hull and his family. We will be making this an annual tournament. There have been some modifications from the initial posting as the Kennedale Wildcat Spring Tournament. The entry fee will now be $15, with $5 from each entry going into the scholarship fund for this event next year. Our goal is to gradually increase scholarship amounts and the total number of scholarships offered. The more teams that participate-the more that enters the scholarship account for the next year. To accommodate all teams with the entry fee increase of $5, THERE WILL BE NO ADMISSION CHARGED for the Garrett Hull Memorial Scholarship Tournament. 

The 2018-19 Garrett Hull Memorial Scholarship Tournament will be run by Kennedale Archery and the Kennedale HS Key Club. The Kennedale Rotary Club will be awarding a $1,000 scholarship to the top High School Female and the top High School Male Archer of the tournament! We will also be donating $406 to the Kennedale HS Key Club for a special presentation to the Hull and Aten families at our school board meeting Feb. 21st!  

Special Garrett Hull Memorial Scholarship Tournament medals will be awarded to the top 3 Male and Female archers in each division, and the TEAM CHAMPION from each division will also receive a special Team Champion Plaque for the event.

The Garrett Hull Memorial Scholarship Tournament has been fully funded by donors at our law enforcement/KISD student fundraiser tournament with our Key Club for this year!!! We look forward to making this an annual event and hope to see you there! We will have both gyms going with 80 archer per flight capabilities from the 10:00 am through 4:00 pm flights on Saturday. I know there are several tournaments this same weekend, and we will try to accommodate all teams as best we can. The more teams that enter the Garrett Hull Memorial Scholarship Tournament, the more the scholarships grow for next year! The $2,000 scholarship will be renewed for next year already. Every archer that enters after the 400 archer mark will start the increase in scholarship funding for next year.

Our goal is to grow this tournament into a 1,000 archer tournament as quickly as possible and sustain that number. If we can do that, we will have $5,000 EACH YEAR to award in scholarship money. This will also allow an increase in total number of scholarships awarded.
Poolville ISD Archers Head to Kennedale 

The Garrett Hull Memorial Scholarship Tournament 
Poolville ISD Archery Team - February 23, 2019
Front (L-R): Leighandra Ryan, Kaitlyn Adamson, Zoe Thomas, Jesse Ard, Sarah Belcher, Kenia Perez, Libby Bedrick and Hannah Davidson.

Back (L-R):  Nathaniel Greene, Timothy Morton, Logan Terry, Aiden Osgood, Jackson Mott, Eli Lang, Cooper Gammill, Gus Gammill, Randol Simmons, Zach Davidson, Kayden Gilbert, Dace Thomas and William Jefferies.
On a very windy Saturday morning, twenty-one students from the high school and the junior high school met at the junior high gymnasium, got on a school bus and headed for an archery tournament in Kennedale. Before they left they posed for the above group photo.  You can see the individual student results by clicking the tab below.  It will take you to the tournament page where you will then have to select the school you wish to view. The school team results are shown below.
Dr.  Seuss  Week  Draws  To  A  Close
Poolville Elememtary School - March 1, 2019
Closing out a week of Dr. Seuss activities which included a Seuss reading challenge and Seuss dress-up days, these students, Mrs. Kay’s Kids, don some Seuss garb to help celebrate. Today was also pajama Friday, and students who wore pajamas to school were awarded additional points for the week long activity. The pajamas were to go along with Seuss’s Sleep Book.
The end of Dr. Seuss Week coincides with the beginning of the elementary school’s annual Scholastic Book Fair. Today students were given a preview of the event. The fair begins next week and is open to the public each day starting Monday morning from 8:30 to 3:30. Purchasing a book is easy, as both cash and credit cards are accepted.  Be sure to see the Book Fair article on the Community Page.
(Above):  Julie Thomas brought her fifth grade class to the library today for a preview of the book fair.  Librarian Jeri                 Calcote tells the students a little about the fair.
The Book Fair Has Something For Everyone!
Thursday, from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM is Open House at the Elementary School, and parents and grandparents are encouraged to bring their students to the library to shop for books together.

If you get hungry on the way to the open house, the HS Science Club will be serving walking tacos or Frito pie plus either tea or lemonade and a dessert from 5:00 to 6:30 in the Junior High Cafeteria adjacent to the Elementary School. Adult meals are $5.00 – kids are $3.00. Proceeds will go toward funding their trip abroad this summer.  Be sure to see the article on the Science Club on the School News I page above.
Purchasing a book is easy. Both cash and credit cards will be accepted.  Above, librarian Jeri Calcote accepts money from Superintendent Jimmie Dobbs for his purchase.
The Science Club will be serving dinner in the JH cafeteria fro 5:00 to 6:30.
Caption This Photo Contest Ends 
Winner Announced
To help celebrate the Elementary School’s Scholastic Book Fair, the Poolville Post sponsored a “caption this photo” contest. The contest and the photo were quite accidental, but when Superintendent Jimmy Dobbs was shopping for books on Monday, he was asked if he would mind posing for a photo op. He graciously accepted. Because of his intent expression, it was suggested that the photo would make a good subject for a contest, and the rest is history.

As one who has spent nearly fifty years teaching English to college students, I have a great love for reading, books, and libraries, so the idea of a prize was born. The person who submitted the winning entry would have a current student select a book from the Book Fair, and that book would be purchased by the “newspaper” and donated to the library on behalf of the student. The book would also have an inscription stating the date and the student's name as the one who selected the book and who donated the book to the library.

The winning entry was submitted by Marcia Rodriguez, a former Poolville Elementary second grade teacher who taught here from 2006 to 2015. Her designated student was Graycin Steele, an eleven year old fifth grader from Mrs. Thomas’ class. Although Graycin was never in her class Mrs. Rodriguez did teach Graycin’s older brother, and it was during that teacher-student relationship that a strong bond was made between Rodriguez and the Steele family. Mrs. Rodriguez now lives in California, but she keeps up with happenings in Poolville through her FB connections.

The winning entry was submitted by Marcia Rodriguez. Her designated student was Gracin Steele.
Pictured above at the Open House on Thursday evening are (L-R) Ashley Steele, Grayson Steele and librarian Jeri Calcote.  Through the wonders of Facetime, Marcia Rodriguez was also able to attend. She can be seen on the cell phone held by Ashley Steele.
Grayson selected a book from the “Dog Man” series of books written by Dav Pilkey. Dog Man is a “crime- biting canine who is part dog, part man, and all hero.” He selected this book because he likes the series, and his mother says he has already read several of them.
Photo Courtesy of Ashley Steele
It is understandable why Grayson might be 

drawn to stories about dogs since his family has 

four of them. The family dogs range from a 

Yorkshire Terrier to an Australian Shepherd to a 

Great Pyrenees. And then of course there is 

Grayson’s dog, a mini Australian Shepherd 

named Crystal Blue which Grayson got when 

she was eight weeks old. Crystal Blue is now just 

over two years old, and it is evident there is a 

strong bond between them.
Lots of Shoppers During Open House.
Sometimes There Was A Line !
The Poolville Post would like to thank all of those people who participated in the contest and the library staff for being so gracious as to allow the contest and the photographs. A special thanks goes out to Superintendent Jimmie Dobbs for his participation.

Greg Bade - Editor Poolville Post
Text and Photos by Greg Bade