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School Starts August 14th!
Sno Cones and School Supplies were provided to anyone who cared to stop by at the First Baptist Church in Poolville on Sunday afternoon August 11th.  The church had 100 boxes of school supplies for elementary and secondary students and 50 boxes for high school students. Unlimited sno-cones were a good way to combat the 100 degree afternoon temperature.

Jeff Kirby - Poolville ISD Superintendent
Jeff Kirby comes to Poolville ISD after serving as Superintendent in Cotton, Texas for three years. He completed his undergraduate work at SW Texas University in San Marcos and earned his Master’s Degree from Concordia University in Austin. He has been involved in education for twenty plus years teaching biology and coaching football, basketball and baseball.

He currently lives in Weatherford with his wife of thirty-six years, Cindy, and two dogs, a twelve year old Yorkshire Terrier named Abby and a ten year old Maltese name Bella. They have two grown boys, ages twenty-nine and twenty-six.

His goals for the district are to improve student achievement through continued growth and progress by focusing on improving test scores, improving the school’s annual report card, improving the fiscal accountability of the district and improving the positive awareness of the school district, basically, “keep the train rolling.”

Sunday Afternoon - Sno-Cones and School Supplies
Sunday Evening - Songs and Prayers
The annual "Pray For Our Schools" prayer rally was held at the high school auditorium Sunday afternoon, August 11th. A good crowd attended, and separate prayers were offered for faculty, competition teams and clubs and community and families.  An address was made by Pastor Richard Rainey of Christway Baptist church.  A number of musical interludes were provided by the Agnes Baptist Worship Team. The program ended with the new district superintendent, Jeff Kirby, introducing the three new school principals.  There after Mr. Kirby closed with a prayer of his own for the community, district, teachers and staff, and students.
Meet The New Faces of
  Poolville High School
Jennifer Shifflett - Principal
Ben  Coggins - BS TCU
Geometry, Math Models
Computer Programming
UIL Math Team
Head Coach Boys & Girls Tennis
Craig Williams - BS Wayland Baptist Univ.
Law Enforcement, World History, Basketball
Cross Country, Baseball
Krissy Dickerson - BS Tarleton State
Family Consumer Science

Jennifer Fricke-Martella 
Masters Degree Bellevue Univ.
Varsity Girls Basketball, Assis. IT Director
Cheryl Morton - ME Tarleton State
Chemistry, IPC, Physics
Hope Sorrells MS West Texas A&M
Agricultural Science
Cherie Powers - Texas Teacher of Tomorrow
University of the East Philippines
Special Education
Meet The New Faces of
  Poolville Junior High 
Jamie Dunnam - Principal
Janetta Thompsn - BS UT Arlington
6th, 7th, 8th Math, Art
Chris Phelps - ME Texas A&M Commerce
7th, 8th History,  Assistant Coach Girls Basketball
Stacy Dial - ME UT Arlington
Jr. High Counselor
Ethan Taylor 
 BA Communications Tarleton State
6th & 7th Reading & Writing
Tracy Elliot - BS Kinesiology Tarelton State
6th Grade Math & Keyboard Tecnolog
Cassie McNutt - BS Interdisciplinary Studies
Tarleton State - Special Education
Cindy Kirby - BS Interdisciplinary Studies
Tarelton State - 6th Grade Science & Social Studies
Mindy Meshell - Special Education
Meet The New Faces of
  Poolville Elementary 
Michael Thurman - Principal
Mary Riddle BA Interdisciplinary Studies
Tarelton State - Pre K Aide
Stephanie Stegall - BAAS UNT
Physical Education
Sarah Beaty - BS Psycology , Tarelton State
5th Grade English, Language Arts, Reading
Jennifer Loggins Thompson
BS Interdisciplinary Studies , Tarleton State
4th Grade Math & Science
Daneyl Walker - Pharmacy Tech
Weatherford College
Life Skills Aide
Lacee Cooper - BS Interdisciplinary Studies
Oklahoma Christian - Kindergarten
Mindy Hendrix - BA Interdisciplinary Studies
Western Govenors University - Math Specialist
Meet The New Faces of
  Poolville ISD Support Staff
Anthony Sheridan
School Resource Officer
Parker County Sherriff's Office
Doug Martella - MBA Bellevue University
Missouri College - Technology Director
Meet The New Superintendent
New Tradition Begins
 School Bell Rings - August 14, 2019
While bells have been around for almost 4000 years and are thought to have originated in China, metal bells likely made their appearance in the 1st millennia BC. Since at least the 18th century, school bells have guided students through their days of studies. In 1919, there were more than 190,000 rural schools in the United States, and many used bells to call their students to class.

Today, August 14th, at 7:50 AM, Superintendent Jeff Kirby, rang a historic bell mounted between Poolville Elementary and Poolville Junior High, to call Poolville students to class in what he hopes will become a tradition for his tenure at Poolville ISD.

The bell was made by Henry McShane & Company in Baltimore, Maryland in 1886, one hundred thirty-three years ago, and is dedicated to Ida Mae Bruce and all the ex-Poolville students.

Henry McShane started the McShane Bell Foundry at Holliday and Centre Streets in Maryland in1856. By the late nineteenth century, when the business expanded to Guilford Avenue (then known as North Street) the firm had already produced tens of thousands of bells and chimes, shipping them out to churches and public buildings across the country.

In 1935, the Henry McShane Manufacturing Company sold the foundry to William Parker, whose son continues to operate the business today. The McShane Bell Foundry moved in 1979 to Glen Burnie, Maryland, where their total production is over 300,000 bells made for cathedrals, churches, municipal buildings, and schools in communities around the world—including the 7,000-pound bell that hangs in the dome of Baltimore’s City Hall. The firm is the only large Western-style bell maker in the United States and one of a handful of bell manufacturers around the world.

As previously stated, the year on the bell is 1886, so you might be wondering what happened that year as a point of reference.

January 29: Karl Benz patents the first successful gasoline-driven automobile.

March 27:Famous Apache warrior, Geronimo, surrenders to the U.S. Army, ending the main phase of the Apache Wars.

March 29: Dr. John Pemberton brews the first batch of Coca-Cola in a backyard in Atlanta, Georgia.

July 4: The people of France offer the Statue of Liberty to the people of the United States.

October 29: In New York Harbor, President Grover Cleveland dedicates the Statue of Liberty.

November 30: The Folies Bergère stages its first revue.

It is unknown where this bell was originally used or to whom it was sold, but the factory has been contacted. If any history immerges, it will be shared.

There is one more bell made by the McShane Foundrey in the area, and that bell was cast in 1879. It was the original bell of Weatherford College, and it was mounted in the campus bell tower in 1895. It was later moved to the new campus in 1968.

The bell has a wonderful clear sound, so be sure to listen to it my clicking the tab. The video lasts only about a minute, but it is a minute well worth your time.

Click the bell inscription to the right to watch Superintendent Jeff Kirby ring the school bell at the opening of the 2019 -2020 school year and to hear the bell....
Clicking the inscription will take you to a Youtube video. You can also visit the video by entering the following URL directly into your browser:  https://youtu.be/7XBT7x4FpxQ
What's For Lunch?
F F A Happenings
The date has been chosen for our annual Fall meeting! Come hang out and join us for a delicious dinner that starts at 6pm. Parents and students are welcome to come eat, enjoy, and obtain information over all things FFA. The meal is free to any student and parent/family who are enrolled in an ag class and want to be apart of FFA. We will be serving pulled pork butt and all the fixings.
Poolville FFA will once again be selling monthly floral arrangements.  For now, the announcement letter and the order form will appear below.  Next month (October) they will be accessed by a link to a file, but they will still be available.
Monday evening the Poolville FFA held a get-together for parents, family members and anyone else who might be interested in the FFA happenings for the school year. The evening began with a picnic style dinner of pulled pork, potato salad, several types of beans, chips, a drink and assorted desserts.

After dinner, FFA faculty Alan Reed and Hope Sorrells advised the parents of the yearly calendar and were updated on some of the rules of various stock shows.

  While this information was being given, FFA members entertained family and guests outside with games like bean toss, watermelon races and tarp turning.

Judging by the turn-out and the smiles, the evening seemed to be a success.

Fun, Food, & Information