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Poolville ISD News
  Monarch News
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The Poolville Science Club, under the direction of Oney Rio, will be headed to Italy and Greece at the end of the school year. The trip will last ten days, and excitement is beginning to build among the nine students who will be going. The official chaperones are Oney Rio and Wendy Duvall, but there will no shortage of adults going on the trip.

The last trip the club took was two years ago to the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador. Highlights of the current trip are expected to be Rome and Pompeii.

Science Club members are no strangers to extracurricular activities. In addition to their academic achievements, they participate in a broad range of activities and sports such as FFA, volleyball, basketball, baseball, track, cross country, cheer leading and archery, but for most of them, this will be their first trip outside the borders of the United States. When asked what they expected to be different from here, they cited manners, food, architecture and religion. When asked what they are most looking forward to, the responses included the adventure of traveling abroad, seeing historical sites such as the Acropolis and viewing and photographing the countryside.

The club has had many fundraisers since going to South America, and they are well on track for meeting their financial goal. They have sold concessions at school events, sponsored dances, car washes and monthly floral arrangements. Of course, donations are also appreciated.

Club members are expected to send frequent updates throughout the trip to the club’s Facebook page which will be initiated soon, but if you are not a Facebooker, don’t worry. Those updates will also appear here in the Poolville Post.
Science Club Plans Summer Trip
Back (left to right) Christian Rushing- 12th, Will Parnell -11th, Corbie Conway- 12th, Jackson Mott- 8th
Front (Left to right) Payton Ranspot- 12th, Trinity Johnson- 12th, Miranda Martin - 12th
Missing- Maddy Rushing 11th, and Stone Stegall 12th
Congratulations to Avery Brantley !

  She has earned the 2019 Heart Hero

 award for this year's Kids Heart

 Challenge. She raised 500$ toward

 our school goal. The students at

 Poolville Elementary raised a total of

 $3,000 for the American Heart

 Association. Way to go MONARCHS!!  

Heart Hero Award - 2019
Photo Submitted by Leslie McCleery
Regional Academics
The Calculator team is Regional Champion.

The Number Sense team is Regional runner-up, and advances to State by virtue of a "Wild Card"

The Mathematics team is Regional runner-up, but did not advance to State.

Emily Allen was on both the mathematics and science teams.

Evan Lang was on calculator, number sense, and science teams.

Eduardo Lopez was on all 4 teams.

Wyatt Thomas was on all 4 teams. He placed 3rd in Calculator and 6th in Mathematics.

Dalton Sprague is Regional Champion in number sense, runner-up in both Calculator & Mathematics. He will compete in all 3 events at State.
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Elementary School Food Drive  - Winners Announced
First Graders Spearhead Food Drive

For the last two weeks, three first grade classes have been putting on an elementary school wide food drive to benefit the Center of Hope in Weatherford. The three first grade classes are those of Mrs. Horton, Mrs. Reed and Mrs. Wilkins.

Each morning each of these teachers takes her students down the hallways to assigned classroom that have a cardboard box outside the door. The canned goods are counted and collected and taken to the homeroom where they are stored. The whole thing is a contest to see which elementary class can collect the most in the two week period. As of today (May 2nd.) the top three classes are Mrs. Morgan (390 cans), Mrs. Wilson (283 cans) and Pre K (85 cans).

The collection ends tomorrow, and a van from Center of Hope will come collect them on Tuesday.

The top three classes will get a prize of an ice cream party (first place), extra time at recess and popsicles (second place), and Airheads candy (third place).

Members of Mrs. Horton's first grade class make their morning can collection pick-up. Top photos and lower left.
Mrs. Reed's class making a collection.
Poolville FFA

April 27 at 4:49 PM  

For the second year in a row, Poolville was represented at the State Career Development Event Contest this weekend in Lubbock. 

Both the Horse and Cotton teams competed today and their hard work paid off!

Our Cotton team placed 7th out of 103 teams, receiving a top 10 plaque! Cecil Rodriguez was the 11th High Individual out of 375 competitors, just one shy of receiving a plaque. Matt Stewart, Stone Stegall and Cade Morgan completed the team.

The Horse team placed 29th out of 78 teams and Tanner Hamlin was 12th High Individual out of 295 competitors! Trendan Parish, Kelsey Ornelas and Kaylee Embrey had a great day as well.

These students dedicated many hours and miles this spring preparing for this day and deserve a huge congratulations!

Heart Hero Award
FFA News
Regional Academics - State UIL Competition
Science Club Plans Summer Trip
Superintendent Dobbs' Retirement Party
Poolville Elementary’s Jumanji Readers, traveled to Mineral Wells Tuesday, April 30, to compete against 19 other teams at Mineral Wells High School in a Battle of the Books competition sponsored by Travis Elementary.

Members of this year’s team are Nathan Adamson, Cimarron Baird, Haylinn Charles, Haylee Goodman and Dylan Hoes. The Jumanji Readers dressed as different jungle animals: a monkey, a hippo, an elephant, a white tiger and a panda. The tune of “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns ‘n Roses introduced them prior to the start of the battle. Each team chose different names and theme songs. All of the Poolville members are 4th graders and are eligible to compete for two more years.

All of the teams, made up of 4th, 5th and 6th graders, read the same list of 15 books to be ready for competition. The Poolville team was formed in November 2018 and had been practicing weekly up until the competition. They must take a qualifying test and work on reading all 15 books to make the team.

During the competition, the teams are collectively asked “In which book” questions and, after a 15-second discussion break, must hold up the correct book title card to earn points. In the third round, teams are asked double and triple questions in which two or three titles answer the question.

The team did not place in the top three, but were solidly in the middle of the pack. The first place team scored 29 points. The second and third place teams tied at 26 points, with the second place team winning a tie breaker to earn 27 points. We believe the Poolville team had 23 points, which demonstrates how just a few questions can make a difference in scores and final placement.

After the competition, teams enjoyed a picnic in the practice gym hosted by the Mineral Wells High School culinary class who prepared sandwiches, chips, brownies and fruit cups. Teams designed centerpieces based on their team name for the picnic and Poolville’s team brought a cake decorated with jungle animals.

After the picnic, team members visited the Famous Water Company in Mineral Wells to try some Mineral Wells Crazy Water, mineral water known at the turn of the 19th century for its healing properties and still pumped from wells on-site at the company. They then traveled to West City Park to play and enjoy some of their jungle cake before returning to campus at the end of the school day.

Poolville 's Jumanji Readers Compete
Text and Photos by Jeri Calcote
Submitted May 3, 2019
Competition Table - Above / Team Banner - Right
Winners Announced !
The food drive is over and the winners are as follows:

1st place: Mrs. Morgan's class with 633 cans!

2nd place: Mrs. Wilson's class with 326 cans!

3rd place: Mrs. Smeal's class with 289 cans!

All in all,  2,012 total food items were collected.
Pictured above are the  first grade classes with their collected food.
Mrs. Morgans class is the winner, collecting 633 cans of food.  Congratulations on a job well done!
Class Photos Courtesy of  Elizabeth Horton
FFA 2019 -2019 Banquet & Support Dinner
Every year during the final month of school, the FFA holds its Banquet and Support Dinner. It is an evening to celebrate the year's successes, induct new members and new officers and say goodbye to graduating seniors.  It is also a time for recognition of  students who have been identified as exemplary leaders.
Greenhand Degree Inductees (L-R)

Blair Bevelle,
Kaylee Embrey, 
Alyssa Bonaventure, 
Ty Smeal,
Rylee Snell, 
Hunter Gober,
Hunter Nitzel 
Steleigh Stegall
Chapter Degree Recipiants (L-R)

Sarah Back
Cade Hines
Payton Jennings
Lillianna Osgood 
William Parnell 
Honorary Degree Recipients (L-R)

Jimmie Dobbs
Welsey Jennings
Eddie & Angela Smeal
Steleigh Stegall: Star Greenhand - Above
Payton Jennings: Star Chapter Farmer - Right
Star Seniors (L-R)

Clayton Novak
Kelsey Ornelas
Cecil Rodriguez
Matt Stewart
Stone Stegall
Emeleigh Terry
Retiring Chapter Officers (L-R)

Hannah Landenberger
Kelsey Ornelas
Matt Stewart,
Stone Stegall,
Makaya Pressley
Tanner Hamlin
Emeleigh Terry
2019 - 2020 Chapter Officers (L-R)

Hunter Gober
Lillianna Osgood
Samantha Streib
Hannah Landenberger
Steleigh Stegall 
Makaya Pressley
Number Sense Team – State Champions

Poolville High School was represented well last Friday & Saturday.  
May 2nd - 4th

Friday found our “Number Sense” team competing at 2:30 in the afternoon. After the grading the Awards assembly was held in a large auditorium. The top six individual places were announced and Dalton Sprague was announced as the individual State Champion in class 2A. The awards proceeded and after all individual awards were done we got to the team awards. In the 2A division it was announced that Lindsay had placed 3rd. Then, as we listened intently, 2nd place was awarded to Sundown High School, meaning that Poolville High School were State Champions!

 Every member of the Number Sense team was awarded a gold medal! The team was comprised of Dalton Sprague, Wyatt Thomas, Eduardo Lopez, and Evan Lang. All team members had a great test, and the excitement was difficult to control. We still had to compete the next day.

Saturday morning arrived and the next event was “Calculator Applications”, where our team came in 5th place. The same four students competed and Dalton won the bronze medal. We had our 2nd highest Calculator team score of the year, but it was not enough to medal.

Mathematics was the last event, and Dalton was our only competitor. He did not medal, but got the experience to help him next year.

Overall, it has been a great year for Poolville High School (math teams). 

UIL State Competition
FFA Awards Banquet
Retirement Party Has Fishing Theme
May 20, 2019
Article & Photos by Greg Bade
Members of the Poolville ISD held a retirement paryt for Superintendent Jimmie Dobbs today in the high school library from 4:00 to 6:00 pm.  The theme of the party was appropriately, fishing. Throughout the two hours, faculty and staff dropped in to wish Superintendent Dobbs well and to say informal goodbyes.  Cake and lemonade were served as refreshments along with assorted munchies including popcorn and trail mix.

There was plenty of time for conversations and very likely there were a few fishing stories told in some of them.  About half way through the party, Dobbs was presented with a T-Shirt quilt made from some of the different events that occurred during his time at the district.

To find out more about his retirement plans, see the interview article on the Community Page.
 Class 4 Senior Buck- 10th place Haley Ferreira

-Breeding Swine
 Class 4- 6th place Hunter Gober

-Market Swine
 Class 1 White OPB- 
 1st place- Kinley Murphy (Breed Reserve Champion)
 2nd place- Ty Smeal
 3rd place- Gus Gammill

Class 2 White OPB
 3rd place- Clayton Novak

Class 1 Black OPB
 3rd place- Greta Gammill

Class 2 Black OPB
 2nd place- Hunter Gober

Class 3 York
 3rd place- Joseph Navarro

Class 1 Hampshire
 4th place- Ty Smeal

Class 3 Hampshire
 4th place- Hunter Gober
 5th place- Payton Jennings

Class 2 Duroc 
 4th place- Jackson Mott

Class 1 Cross
 3rd place- Hannah Landenberger 

Class 2 Cross
 2nd place- Tanner Hamlin

Class 3 Cross
 4th place- Braydon Smeal

Class 5 Cross
 8th place- Joseph Navarro

Class 7 Cross
 2nd place- Payton Biggers 

Senior Showmanship
 Reserve Champion- Tanner Hamlin
 7th place- Hannah Landenberger 

Parker County Stock Show Results
Thursday night Calf Scramble:

Kinley Murphy - Poolville FFA 
Cade Hines - Poolville FFA 
Tanner Hamlin - Poolville FFA

Friday night Calf Scramble:

Tyler Terry - Poolville FFA 
Steleigh Stegall - Poolville FFA