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Just in case you want to watch the 2020 graduation one more time:
The second annual, district wide poetry contest begins April 5th. Each week on Monday, Poolville ISD teachers will begin accepting entries for the week. All entries for the week must be submitted by the end of the school day in Friday.

Like last year, there will be a new topic each week, and also like last year there will be a first, second and third place winner from each school each week.

Unlike last year, week three features an open topic made from book titles (book spine poetry). Each week the first place poets will receive a $5.00 gift certificate to McDonald’s, and the final week’s first place poets will also have a book donated to their respective libraries with a special name plate inside noting the achievement. Books and gift certificates are being provided by the Poolville Post.

First, second and third place poets will also receive a certificate of participation provided by the school.

Each school has a liaison teacher with the Poolville Post, and entries will be submitted to the paper on Fridays. Winners will also receive recognition on the weekly “shout-outs” by the principals.

Judges are qualified educators or noted poets and are not associated with Poolville ISD.

Celebrating National Poetry Month
The Hills

How gentle they hold,
The bedrock and sand,
Like a loving leader,
 With his own little band,
The hills are beautiful,
As far as you can see,
The glowing green,
And the gentle sway of the tall trees,
Some as steep,
Others slightly growing upwards,
All hills are gentle,
And are beautiful in every way.

Congratulations Jaime.  Your gift certificate will be delivered to Tara McEntire today (04-15-21).
The topic for week two, which ends April 16th, is "March Winds." There is still time to enter.

The topic for week three is open, so you the poem can be about anything, but it has to be made from the title of books. A trip to the library would be a good idea. Good luck to all.
​March winds whistle and blow

The wind stings like a arrow from a bow

The winds are mighty cold

But Spring is a sight to behold

The wind blows as the flowers grow.

Cayd Capps
PJHS - 8th Grade
Congratulations Cayd. You will be receiving a $5.00 gift certificate from the Poolville Post to be delivered to you by Mrs. McEntire this week.  

The Second Place poem was written by Makayla Witty.  Congratulations Makayla!

The Third Place poems was written by Dace Thomas.  Congratulations Dace!
Oh, wind for all the things you blow away
I think you do it quite beautifully
Like the sunrise today
I love how you blow, so gracefully

I just feel a call to the way
You blow all the trees
Every single day
You blow in every single crack and all the leaves

It’s just so nice how you flow
You’re clear like glass.
I love you like snow.
You flow the grass.

I love you March wind
I really do.
I’ll love you to the end.
I will too.

Emma Esparza
PES - 3rd Grade
Congratulations Emma.  You will be receiving a $5 gift certificate from the Poolville Post to be delivered to you by Mrs. Smeal.

The second place poem was written by Braylee Hicks.  Congratulations Braylee!

The third place poem was written by Henry Lockwood.  Congratulations Henry!
The Elementary School judging was particularly challenging this week because there were fifty-three entries, but congratulations to all who entered.  They were all fun to read and were a great effort by the youngest Monarchs.  Good job!
Wrong Choice

Prisoner B-3087
Catching Fire
My Brother Sam is Dead
Congratulations William. You will be receiving a $5 gift certificate from the Poolville Post to be delivered to you by Mrs. Smeal.

The second place poem was written by McKayla Witty. Congratulations McKayla!

The third place poem was written by Tommy Headspeath.   Congratulations Tommy!
Congratulations Sylas. You will be receiving a $5 gift certificate from the Poolville Post to be delivered to you by either Mr. Cheslock or Mrs. Ford.

The second place poem was written by Kristy Medina. Congratulations Kristy!

The third place poem was written by Addison Rooks. Congratulations Addison!
​Whenever I play my game,

I feel like I get Fame.

Every time I play it, I get happy

Sometimes, I get less yappy.

When I get on the game I’m focused

I play a game call Pocus.

Whenever I get off,

I start to kind of cough.

Whenever I go to bed,

I think of the color red.

Week four concludes the second annual district poetry contest sponsored by the Poolville Post. The topic for week four was "the best part of the day."  Each first place winner will receive a gift certificate to McDonald's , but there will also be a book donated to the Poolville library system in their honor to commemorate the contest. For the elementary  school that book is A Hatful of Dragons. For the junior high school that book is Explosion at the Poem Factory.  Even though there were no entries from the high school, there will be a book donated titled Foreshadow.

See the winners below and the runners up.
First place for the junior high goes to Kodi McLeod. Congratulations Kodi.

Second place goes to Brylee Hensley.  Congratulations Brylee.

Third place goes to Ava McGowen.  Congratulations Ava.
First place for the elementary school, from more than forty entries, is Landon Steep. 
 Congratulations Landon.

Second place goes to Lady Cannon.  Congratulations Lady.

Third place goes to Chasyn Watt.  Congratulations Chasyn.