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School News Updates
Poolville ISD schools and organizations have any number of Facebook pages to keep you informed, but not everyone is a Facebooker, so in an effort to keep those who are not, up-to-date, this page has been created. You will not find daily virus statistics or health advisories here.  What you will find are messages from some of the district personnel and teachers regarding events that are or have happened while most of us are sitting at home. I certainly hope you find this information helpful.                   

Greg Bade - Editor
Poolville High School Principal
End of Page
Every evening at 8:30, Jason Cheslock reads a bedtime story, but he doesn’t read it to put himself to sleep – he does it to keep in touch with the elementary students of Poolville ISD, all 260 of them. Jason Cheslock, you see, is the principal of the elementary school, and he has found this innovative way to keep in touch with his students and the community. Tonight's story is "The Princess and the Frog." You can also access tonight’s video at #4TheKids #ReadingRocks #SuperStudents

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, usually around 1:30 PM, he and his wife post interactive art projects. The last one was how to draw a giraffe.

Many thanks to Principal Cheslock for what he is doing. He is just one of the many unsung heroes that is stepping-up as we make our way through these uncharted waters.

Gov Abbott has extended the executive order of social distancing until May 4. With that comes no face to face school instruction. Our remote learning will continue until then. Miss you guys!! ❤️🦁❤️
Posted on FB Tuesday, March 31, 2020
The Poolville Post is extremely proud to partner with Poolville ISD in hosting four poetry contests for April, (National Poetry Month). Each week for four weeks there will be a topic, and each week there will be a winner from each Poolville ISD school. Entries should be made through the designated FB pages when possible as comments, but if a student does not have access to FB, an e-mail address has also been provided.

If you are a high school student, use Mrs. Shifflett’s FB page @ Mrs Shifflett-Poolville HS

If you are a junior high student, use the Poolville Library FB page @ Poolville Library

If you are an elementary student, use the Poolville Elementary FB page @ Poolville Elementary

Winning poems will be published in the Poolville Post and will be read by the respective school principals.

See all the details on the attached fliers. Let the community see some Monarch spirit!
Monday Morning Drive-Through
04-06-20 Poolville Elementary School
Every morning of the week (Monday - Friday)  a hot breakfast and a bag lunch is served in drive-through fashion to Poolville ISD students. The meals are free. Pictured here are Richard Rainey (Food Service Manager for the district) and Misty Gammill from the high school cafeteria.
Mondays are a little busier than other days because assignment packets are given out to those families who can come by. Often it is just a parent in the car, but sometimes there is also a student. In any case, there are plenty of waves to go around. 
April Poetry Contest Announced
There were no poems submitted from the junior high school or the high school, so there are no winners to announce, but there were four entries from the elementary school. The winner for the best family poem was fifth grader Mallory Seis. Congratulations Mallory. Her poem is published below. The second place winner was from third grader Teagan Babcock, and the third place winner was fourth grade student Sienna Babcock. Congratulations to everyone who entered.
Mallory Seis

​No two are alike
When bored we might go on a hike

We will have fun today
Once over we will all stay

Some of us like cake
Others only eat steak

Some prefer outside
Others stay inside

People who love and care for me
Are the ones I call my family.

Click The Blue Ribbon To Hear Mallory's Poem Being Read By Elementary School Principle, Jason Cheslock.
1 st.
Monarch Poet Winners !
Week One - Family
Week Two - Nature
High School:
nothings better than the moonlight glistening on the lake water 

or watching the buzzing bees go flower to flower 

nature is the way to the heart 

not many take a minute to sit back and just admire

sometimes you need that little break to remind you who you are 

Sienna Kancilia

1 st.
Sienna Kancilia
Mallory Seis
Junior High School:
The world is quiet  
My pets are still here with me 
Crazy companions

Bobbie Elliot

1 st.
Bobby Elliot
Click the blue ribbin to hear Principal Shifflett read Sienna's winning poem.
Click on the blue ribbon to hear Principal Dunnam read Bobby's  winning poem.
Elementary School:
1 st.
My Back Yard

My chickens are funny
My chickens have cute faces
They like it sunny
They like lots of space.

I also have a bunny
She is so fun
She is sweet as honey
She likes to run.

Teagan Babcock
Click on the blue ribbon to hear Principal Cheslock reading Teagan's poem. 
Editors Note:
Teagan Babcock
This announcement was posted on the Elementary School's FB page on 4-27-20.
Week Three - School
High School:
Junior High School:
I Am

I am nice and crazy
I wonder how everyone is doing I hear birds chirping
I see myself walking in school
I want this all to end
I am nice and crazy

I pretend to enjoy being stuck at home 
I feel a touch of a soft hand
I touch a beautiful cloud
I worry about my friends
I cry for no reason(lol)
I am nice and crazy

I understand this is safe for now
I say this isn’t so bad sometimes
I dream for everything to go back to normal I try to keep moving
I hope this ends soon
I am nice and crazy.

Genny Rodriguez, 8th grader, PJHS

1 st.
Elementary School:

The jokes they tell will make you smile
They will go the extra mile

Shouting in the bleachers
you can hear your teachers

During the day 
they are here to stay

They lend a helping hand
When you fall they wil lift you up and help you stand

If you see them in a crowd
Scream their name very loud
And they will be proud

One likes green
If you yell she gets mean

They will be kind
If you mind
They will never leave you behind

On Monday they are a welcome sight
However, if you get on their bad side the can be a fright

Mallory Seis - 5th Grade
1 st.
Mallory Seis
One Way

When we're young we see every color but everyone has to grow up
We are taught to stay in the lines
Don't go out of the lines
Use only these colors
Blacks gray and whites
As we grow we either break the box or we conform to it
If you're one of the ones who choose to break the box you are rare
The rest only see black and white instead of every color
The ones who see what they're told are seen as perfect
The ones who see every color are seen as troubled
But this way of thinking is only need for 12 years
After that you're free

Your are free from the box completely.

Isabella Mirus - Poolville HS
1 st.
Isabella Mirus
 Elementary School Library Book Return Dates:
4/27, 5/4, 5/11, 5/18 (8:00 am - 10:00 am)

Poetry Contest Week 4 (Clouds Theme)
4/27 through 5/1

Weekly Work Packet Pickup Dates:
4/27, 5/4, 5/11, 5/18 (8:00 am - 10:00 am)

Online Learning Continues Through: 5/18

Elementary School Student Material Pickup Dates:
5/11, 5/18 (8:00 am - 10:00 am)

Online Registration Dates (Pre-K through 5th-grade):
4/27 through 5/15

Elementary School Awards - Digitally Announce and Celebrated:
Click The Blue Ribbon To Hear Mallory's Poem Being Read By Elementary School Principle, Jason Cheslock.
Click on the blue ribbon to hear Principal Dunnam read Genny's   winning poem.
Click the blue ribbin to hear Principal Shifflett read Isabella's winning poem.
Week Four - Clouds
1 st.
1 st.
High School:
What happens to water
When it evaporates?
Does it disappear?
Or does it float away?

Can you see water
When it evaporates?
Is it like a rainbow?
Or is it invisible?

What if water turns into a cloud
When it evaporates?
Then water wouldn’t disappear.
And it wouldn’t be invisible.

Just because you can’t see water
When it evaporates
Doesn’t mean it’s not there.
Clouds are real and they’re everywhere.

Ariana Menchaca - Poolville HS
Ariana Menchaca
The video of  Principal Shifflett reading Ariana's poem has not been made yet, but when it has, you can see it here.
There were no poems submitted from the junior high school  so there is no winner to announce.
Elementary School:

   Today we will be seeing what goes on in a cloud.
Well so I knew that their thunder is loud
They make a storm when they’re around
Also depending on the weather it can make you proud

   Another thing they do is make is thunder
They make it cloudy and it seems 50 degrees and under
They make rain and I seem to have plumber
When they make hail it feels like a hunter

   And at night I can’t sleep when it makes hail.
Not to blame but clouds may make you fail.
Some times it sounds like its telling you a tale.
If you are unlucky and it’s raining you’re going to have wet mail.

Auron Jones - Poolville Elementary

Click the ribbon to see and listen to  Principal Cheslock reading Auron's poem.
Meet The Poetry Judges
Vicki Sapp received her Master’s Degree in Comparative Literature from the University of North Carolina and her PhD in English from Rice University in Houston. She holds certificates in both German and French and has had many poems and papers published in a variety of academic journals. She served as Senior Lecturer at UTA Arlington for fifteen years before teaching at TCC Arlington for thirteen years. She is currently an instructor at Durham Technical Community College in Durham, N.C. Vicki said yes, without hesitation, when asked if she would judge the poems written by the Poolville High School students for April’s poetry contests.

Thank you Vicki for being one of the judges.
Dr. Vicki Sapp
Smokey Culver
Smokey Culver grew up in Pasadena and Southeast Texas. He is a member of Academy of Western Artists and the International Western Music Association. You can find Smokey’s work in a wide variety of publications and he is a featured poet in the “Poolville Post.” Smokey is a published author with four poetry books to his credit. Smokey was also a Finalist in the 2014 NFR Cowboy Poetry Contest in Las Vegas, and he was named the 2013 Poet of the Year at the Texas Independence Day Celebration at the Courthouse in Granbury. He is also the current Poet Laureate of Pasadena, Texas. Smokey graciously agreed to judge the poems written by the elementary students at Poolville Elementary School. He mentioned on more than one ocassion that he wished all the entries could have been named first place and commented, "these kids are great!"

Thank you Smokey for being a judge.
Editors Note:  I want to publicly thank Vicki and Smokey for their cheerful willingness to act as judges in this poetry contest. They both commented that the choices were not always easy, but they were up to the task and performed admirably.  I have know each of them for many years, and they were selected as judges based on their reputations, integrity, honesty and qualifications.